Apple products to be launched in WWDC 2017

Apple’s annual convention the World Wide Developers Conference will start this month. There are a lot of rumors about what the company will launch in its show this year. Here are few things that we thing will come in the market after Apple WWDC 2017.

Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference will start on 5th June 2017 in California. A lot of apple fans are waiting for this event. Apple unveils its new products in this event every year. Many rumors rise before it starts. So let’s see what products we can expect from Apple this year.

apple wwdc

New Products at WWDC:

Ipad Pro: Apple may launch the iPad Pro in WWDC this year. Many people are confident that will year it will go into mass production and hence this event will be its showcase.

Macbook Pro: Last year apple introduced their new Macbook Pro with Intel 6th Generation Skylake processor. Later it launched the notebook with touch bar and touch ID features. This year we expect the new Macbook Pro with Intel’s 7th generation Kaby Lake processor.

Siri Smart Speakers: This new smart speakers are rumored to work on iOS. It will have an Ai system with integration of Beats technology. Siri Smart Speakers will have apple’s voice assistant in it with features like facial recognition and others. This will compete against Google’s Home and Amazon’s Echo. A lot of people excited for the products and we do not have to wait much longer for this.

Apple’s New iOS:

WWDC shows the features of its new iOS and this time it will be iOS 11. We will see the features of the new operating system and its related apps very soon. There is no official comments about what features will be in the new OS. However here are some features that we can expect in iOS 11.

Siri Update: Apple is planning some major updates in it. The updates will give Siri contextual learning capabilities. The integration with iMessage and iCloud will help in the AI capabilities.

apple siri

New Music App: Apple music head has confirmed that people will see a new music app. This app will focus more in showcasing videos.

iPad updates: The new iOS will have some specific features for the iPad. Previous update did not focused on iPad. So we can expected some changes in this area. What will this include is not clear yet. We hope to get the answers in the upcoming WWDC.

Design changes: We are not sure what it would be but a lot of people are expecting some design changes in the new OS. There are no significant changes in the design since iOS 7 update. So this will be on our expectation’s list.

Facetime: Many fans are sure that apple will introduce group calling feature in their latest iOS. This feature can make them a big rival to skype and other video calling software again.

Availability of iOS:

iOS 11 is expected to be released in Fall of 2017. The first glimpse of the software will be featured in Apple World Wide Developers Conference. You can stream the show live in our apple devices.

We will soon have a detailed article after the show on this website. Keep checking this site for news on technology updates. Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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