Jio Phone News, Specification and monthly plan

Jio is making headline again with the release of their new phone. Although this phone is not loaded with high or medium specifications but it is very user friendly and durable type. The main feature of this phone is that it is free of cost. Although the term free isn’t exactly like pain Rs. 0. Actually to buy the phone people need to deposit Rupees 1500 as security. However, the security is refundable after 3 years therefore making the phone free. In this article we will discuss the specification and what are the plans that come with this phone.

Jio phone registration date:

The new jio phone is all over the news and people are excited to buy it as they have tested the services in their smartphone which is fairly ok. The officials have declared that people can register this phone from 24th August 2017. However they are also planning to deliver a test phone on 15th August.

jio phone

So if you are planning to buy the phone then get ready to book it by the end of August month. You can book it online and pay the security money buy online method also.

However the delivery of the phone will not be done from August. According to jio they will start distributing the phone to their clients from September. Let’s check some of the features of the phone below.

Features of Jio phone:

The phone is a single SIM device with a 2.4 inch display. It represents the old phones which were very popular in the 2000’s.

The design is simply a bar phone with keypad for input rather than touch. It is not an Android based device but it has all the popular jio apps like jio phone, jio music, jio TV, and jio cinema.

The phone will work on VoLTE technology which is voice over LTE. So it means it will support calling and Internet facility as well. It also has common utilities like flashlight, FM radio, and microSD card slot.

So the phone is well equipped with calling and Internet surfing features and the apps like jio TV and jio cinema makes it very entertaining also. The rival companies are already coming out with counter plans to keep people from going to Jio.

Jio phone subscription plan:

The jio phone might be free after 3 years but the plans are not free. Jio phone user will get choice between two plans. First plan is for Rs. 153 and the other plan is for Rs. 309.

What the plans have validity of 28 days and they offer unlimited calling, SMS, and data. The data limit on 153 plan is 500 MB per day. After the limit they will get a slow Internet. Therefore it is unlimited with some restrictions on the data speed.

The 309 plan offers 1 GB data at full speed every day. Other than these plans jio has short term plans also. So the clients will have full freedom of choosing the plans.

So hope you like this article and if you have thoughts on the phone please share it with us by commenting below.

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