Tan Size Hiang: Father and Flight Steward, MH370


A picture paints a thousand words. A picture of a smile paints a thousand more. In this picture, Tan Size Hiang is seen smiling with Crystal Lee, a young Malaysian actress in one of his previous flights.

You are looking at Tan Size Hiang, 46 year old flight steward and father of a 5-year old daughter. On the 14th of March, she celebrates her birthday and we can only hope that she gets some good news before then.

Sharelor got in touch with Kenny, Size Hiang’s brother. He described Size Hiang as someone who is very passionate about his job. He would always share his in-flight experiences with his family. 

Before each flight, Size Hiang would call his father once then once again upon arriving back in Kuala Lumpur.

Kenny also described Size Hiang as a family-orientated man who not only takes care of his own wife and daughter but his siblings and parents as well. 

He has worked with Malaysia Airlines for almost 18 years and just like Captain Zaharie, he has his own flight simulator at home. In his pastime, he is a passionate football fan.

Size Hiang, our thoughts go out to you, your family and all those on MH370. You have our respect.

Readers are welcome to share their words of support. Selected comments will be compiled and shared with Kenny and family.

EDIT: 2 steps to help find MH370 using your computer

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